Why iPad and children’s learning are the perfect match

More and more schools and kinder garden buy iPads to get a more interactive learn- ing, while the kids get more and more used to the use of technologies, iPad is the fu- ture base of learning, but is it good for our kids? And what apps gives the best benefit for your kids teaching curves? In this article we will try to give you the answer.

Many test with iPads and main access to learning in kinder garden, have showed big success. Tests run in Denmark, England, Germany and America, all gives the same results. The results shows that the kids have a higher learning curves, without feeling pressure, due most learning material is build as games.

But also the teachers are very happy cause it takes some of the pressure for them – of course they need to be trained in how to use the iPad as a learning tool, and most learning games have an “advisor”, so the kids are great to solve the problems they run into.

For the kids an iPad is so easy to use. Give a iPad to a 2 year old, and within 5 min- utes, they know how to use it.

But which apps are good for my kids ? Our suggestions is excluded price, costs for in-app purchases as well as subscription costs. Se the next page for our suggestions:

Eye Paint Animals from Curious Hat.
Unfold your kids creativity and give them the opportunity to create amazing images alongside world-renowned artists.

Native numbers – Complete Number Sense Mastery Curriculum from Native Brain
The app helps you kid to develop a number sense. The is widely mentioned as the best and the only app, were you can get this.

iTooch Middle School – Math and language arts worksheets from eduPAD
This app is a fun way of practicing and learning math and language. There are over 10.000 exercises.

TenseBuilder from Mobile Education Store
The app is designed to help students learn how to identify and use correct tense form. The app is delivery with 48 video lessons.

LetterSchool from Sanoma Media Netherlands
A intuitive game to learn about letters and numbers.

Endless Alphabet from Originator
The app will give the kids a blast learning their ABC and building vo- cabulary. Each word features an interactive puzzle with talking letters.

Comics in the Classroom from Comics in the Classroom
The app is a revolutionary way to learn about history’s key figures and events.

Kids’ Vocab from MindSnacks
The app consist of 9 addictive games designed to help and under- stand words rather than just memorize.

Kids Learn Mandarin Beginner – A Fingerprint Network App from Fingerprint
Learn you kid how to say, write and read over 200 Mandarin words. The app with this popular language also includes 8 games, 1 movie and 20 stickers.

Me Books from Me Books
Storytelling of over 130 titles told by celebrities. You can create you own stories and build you own library,

My Story World – Top Kids Stories from Mindshapes Limited.
The app is a collection of digital picture books. Each story are based on creative activities like drawing or/and coloring.

The Phoenix Weekly Story Comic from David Fickling Comics.
This app is the digital version of the comic, The Phoenix. It’s a cock- tail of stories, puzzles and competitions. You can even save favorite pages, in the app it self.

Classic Vinnie-the-pooh from Egmont UK
Pooh and friends has been animated in this app which stays faithful to the original story.

Great British Chefs Kids from Great British Chefs
Get your kid to like and see the fun in cooking. The app is included with 105 recipes. Step by step texts, photos and videos, explain the kid how to cook the chosen recipe. We do advise parents to buy the ingredients.

Mibblio – Read, sing, and jam along to interactive kids story- songs from Mibblio.
This app is a musically interactive storybook. Every story have it’s own song. Your kid listen to the song while reading the lyrics or play along on the in-app instruments.

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This is my body – Anatomy of children is an iPad app that teaches the principles of human anatomy in a playful and engaging way. It fea- tures information on all essential aspects of the human body in a beautifully designed and illustrated app package.

Since Anatomy is designed for children, all views funny animations and everything is told of a young girl. Before you start, you will be able to choose from 8 different characters. There are four girls and four boys to choose from. Anatomy makes a virtue of mentioning that ap- pearance does not affect how your body works and that all agencies work the same way – every human being is unique, but we are all very similar.