Welcome the iPhone as your ultimate training buddy

Do you like the picture you see in the mirror? Need help to get fit and healthy – or stay fit and healthy? You can easily use the iPhone as your ultimate training buddy. With some clever apps you can get maximum results in your training, Let the apps keep track of your training sessions and do it easy to meet your fit- ness goals.

Fitness loves iPhone – and if you at least enjoy your iPhone, then let it help you back on the right track or let it keep you at the right track. Almost everyone of us, have changes to do to live more healthy. We’ll let you get inspired with diet plans and exercise plans to get fit, toned and stronger.

Do you like to walk, run, bike ride, to go the gym, or simply make yoga in the comfort of your own home – then there is a app for you – to help you reach you goals and get the results you want – and you don’t have to postpone it for tomorrow, you can start get in shape right now – there is no more excuses.

Garmin Fit by Garmin
Garmin Fit turns your iDevice into a extremely powerful tool for tracking your training. See your walking, running or cycling stats in- stantly or due automatic uploading to Garmin, see them later. You can even select a perfect soundtrack to get the most optimal training.

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal
With MyFitnessPal tracker you can lose weight faster with the easy diet tracking and calorie counting. MyFitnessPal have the largest iPhone based food database with over 3.000.000 food types.

Strava Cycling by Strava Inc.
With Strava, riding your bike becomes like a game challenge. Your rides are tracked with GPS, and if your are a group of friends or co- workers you can challenge and motivate each other to climb the leader board to become king or queen of the mountain or some other route, in the monthly challenge. If you’re running out of routes, you can get inspired with other popular routes.

Nike Training Club by Nike
When signing up with Nike Training club you get your own personal trainer. The trainer is available anytime and anywhere. With over 100 workouts, there are no excuses not to get lean, toned and strong. Workouts are up to 45 minutes long.

Fitocracy by Fitocracy Inc.
Fitocracy makes exercises fun. Motivate and helps you succeed in fitness and life. Fitocracy is used by Miss America 2013. With Fitoc- racy you can track your workouts, earn points, unlock achievements and beat quests.

Gympact by Gympact
With Gympact you make a pact of how many days you’ll workout. Set the stake of how much you’ll pay if you don’t. With GPS tracking you check-in at the gym and count running, biking or walking. You can also track your exercises by wearing or holding you iPhone while working out.

If you enjoy running and want to avoid injuring your body, Couch-to- 5K is the app that helps. Spend 20-30 minutes, three times a week, for nine weeks, and your will be ready for your first 3,1 mile race.

Pocket Yoga by Rainfrog
Yoga becomes beneficial when done regular. With Pocket Yoga you can practice at your own pace in your home. You get 27 yoga ses- sions and 150 illustrated images on posture and positions with this app

Workout Trainer by Skimble
With Workout Trainer you’ll get in shape of a lifetime. Thousands of workouts and premium multimedia workout programs, coached by ex- pert personal trainers to help you to reach your fitness goal.

iMuscle 2 by 3D4Medical.com
With highly visual effects, iMuscle 2 will learn you more about the muscles in the body. Zoom around the 3D body and tap the muscles you want to know more about on how to training and rehabilitate the muscles.

Nike+ Running by Nike
From the trail or treadmill, Nike+ Running will track your effort and re- sults. When you want to run, just crap the iPhone – no wasted time with sensors, and when done share it with friends on Facebook or Path

TempoRun by TempoRun
Sync your footsteps to your favorite music tracks. TempoRun will cate- gorize your music into levels, based on tempo intervals. With Tempo- Radio you can discover new epic running songs.

Diet Point by DietPoint
With Diet Point you get a healthy and balanced diet plan. Get re- minded when you have to eat, and what to eat. Get reminded with a shopping list to shop the right stuff.

Runtastic Pro GPS Running, Walking & Fitness Tracker by Runtastic
With Runtastic you experience a new way to run. It tracks cardio progress to help you reach your exercise goals. Get routes, cheer- ing, coaching and even more to get fit for a marathon.

RunKeeper by FitnessKeeper
Turn you iPhone into a personal trainer with RunKeeper. The app keeps track of your runs, walks, bike rides, hikes and more. Get notified when hitting a personal best or milestone and follow your progress against your goals and targets.

Reebok Fitness by Reebok
With Reebok Fitness you can choose new training, running, danc- ing, yoga or walking workout program. Get motivated to improve your fitness with this simple interface.

Fitness Checkup Pro by Bio2imaging
Asses your physical shape with Fitness Checkup Pro. Using 11 tests the truth about your body will be revealed. Follow progress in your body over a longer period of time.