The Womanized iDevice

The 21st century women is a very modern women, Who chose technolo- gies to help their life to fit in the every day time trail. To fit in late nights at work, yoga classes, birthdays, diets and so on, demands some modern apps, which incorporate her everyday life.

You probably have moments between Skype conversations, calendar fam- ily synchronization and emails, were you think, isn’t there a app for this and app for that. Well, ladies, it’s your lucky day, cause there is.

We have found for you, some life-changing apps that are close to essen- tial for your every day digital life as a woman.

Stylebook from Left Brain / Right Brain.
Even if you closet is full, sometimes you still don’t know what to wear. Stylebook is a virtual closet that allow you to manage your fa- vorite outfits as well as keep track on your sizes and styles, by talk- ing picture of your clothes and upload them.

Cab4me from Skycoders.
It’s 3 a.m. Your shoes hurts and you’re tired after dancing all night. But catching a taxi in this part of town is almost impossible. What do you? Launch Cab4me on your iPhone. It’s uses your GPS location and will find the nearest taxi company, and you’re on your way home. You can also when choosing a taxi, choose car type as well as payment methods.

Find my iPhone from Apple.
Losing your phone, feels like losing a part of you. You have probably lost or misplaced your phone many times, and a the same, being at- tacked by a panic attack. With Find my iPhone, you can locate your on GPS from or your iPad.

Evernote from Evernote.
When you have a iPhone or iPad, then you most have Evernote. It’s the best note-taking app. It allows you to keep text, voice or photos notes at hand, on every platform.

Nike Training Club from Nike.
There is a lot of fitness apps available on the App Store. This app it all your workout needs. The content is exercises within cardio, core, strength, balance or flexibility. Besides that workout videos, training schedule, and option to create your own workout.

Pose from Pose.
Do you like clothes? And do you want to be inspired to follow the trend? Then Pose is the app for you. Pose combines Pinterest, In- stagram and fashion. Pose photo-sharing will ask you a series of questions to determine your style to give to style to follow in the same clothing style. You can create collections, and the clothes is shop-able as well.