The iPad Air – The best tablet on the market!

t’s hard to get my arms down. The new iPad Air is just the best

With the new iPad Air, Apple has solved the only problem that plagued its predecessor, iPad 4 with retina display was the weight. It weighed almost 700 grams and with a cover mounted weighed even more

The weight and frame.

If we disregard the lower weight – it weighs 469 grams – is the slimmer profile of only 7.5 mm thick and 169.5 mm in width and a narrower frame also very welcome. The frame on the 9.7 “screen is about as narrow as that of the iPad mini, and has the same practical and stylish touch sensitivity on the edges. This means that it detects that you hold it with your fingers along the edge of the screen, and wouldn’t make ac- tions in these areas of the frame.

The screen.

The screen resolution is the same, that is state of the art with a resolution of 264 dots per inch, but equally important is the contrast, color reproduction, and not least – color fastness. This makes it better suited to show both pictures and movies, but also to edit images on, for example, iPhoto or Photoshop touch. This screen is all ex- tremely good

The Force of Power.

To open images in iPhoto for editing and then posting on Instagram, or as attach- ments in emails, happens very quickly, and no need to wait for anything. Everything happens immediately. Cutting the video and add effects rendered almost completely seamless, and everyday tasks like flipping through pages in Safari, attachments in emails and uploading photos to Facebook is also fast.

The Battery life.

Although the iPad air is thinner and lighter, the battery life is still brilliant. It runs eas- ily a full working with varied use, and for movies and music playback surpasses the light of the ten hours that Apple abandons battery capacity .

The Sadly Camera.

The camera is less impressive, it delivers medium image quality. It is not particularly worse than what you find in other tablets , but compared with an iPhone 5S, shows that the camera is sadly not a high priority in the iPad air.

A pure Luxury product.

Even when the iPad air has been on a diet to loss weight, it stills feels rock solid and you have not doubts that you have a luxury product in your hands.

After a few days of use now, the iPad air feels like the best tablet I’ve had in my hands. Ever.