The absolute sportsguide in how to follow Tour De France & 2014 FIFA World Cup

Are you kicked out of the living room, because your wife or girlfriend, don’t want to see sports?

Don’t worry – We are here to help you. With iPad and iPhone in your hand, you have the most powerful device to follow the results in Wimble- don, 2014 FIFA World Cup and Tour De France.

All England Tennis championship; Wimbledon.

The official app for Wimbledon; The championship, Wimble- don 2014 is our recommendation to get the most out of it. With the official app you can see the weather over Wimble- don, follow press conferences, see highlights from the day in Wimbledon. Follow live blogs from the matches, listen to the Wimbledon Radio,

You can also personalize with which players you want news from, as well as events and countries. You can also adjust what you want to read and see from Wimbledon, in form of Match Results, News, Video Clips, Podcasts, Players or Galleries.

Tennis News & Live from News fusion

Get news from Wimbledon and other Tennis championships with this app from different news scources. But beside Ten- nis news you can also get cycling and 2014 FIFA World Cup news.

Reuters sports Reel from Thomson Reuters

Get sports news from Reuters – 2014 FIFA World Cup and Tour De France among others.

Tour Tracker from Cycling news

Follow Tour De France to the detail. Get stage info, see point scores to the jerseys, Riders and team info

FIFA Official App

Follow 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil with FIFA’s official app. Follow LIVE, Read news, See teams, see standings, see awards including top goal scorers as well as man of the match, get info about stadium and host cities, get statictcs, and set your 11 or your dream team and other games.