The 10 best iOS 7 redesigned apps


With Flipboard you have, not only a beautiful, but functional tool. You can use Flipboard to aggregate news, images and vid- eos, but also social medias like Facebook and Twitter can be ag- gregated into Flipboard.

You can choose content from major publishers. Every news, im- age, video, as well as Facebook and Twitter updates, can all be shared via Flipboard very strong social media sharing. Beside al this, you also able to make you own magazine.


With Instapaper, you have a simple “webpage-saver” app, for saving the articles you want to read offline, later. Instapaper have a strong social media sharing as well as fast synchroniza- tion of content


With Pocket, you have a simple and very elegant “webpage-saver” app, for saving arti- cles you want to read offline later. Pocket is a direct competitor with Instapaper.


With CNN, you have world news at your hands. It’s simple navigation and the white text on black background makes it very easy to read. The CNN app also have high-quality video as well as push notifications for breaking news.


With twitter you fol- low persons with same interests as you. Follow friends, family, co-workers as well as celebrities. Share with them, texts, images, vid- eos, web pages or special topics. You can also with hash tags, follow politics or big sport events.


Chrome is Google’s browser for iPad and iPhone. Not much to say, due all browsers pretty much look alike. You can see your most visited sites, Your Bookmark across all Chrome browsers, where you login with your Google login. When logged in, you can also see sites open on other devices.


Facebook is the most downloaded app, like Twitter you become Facebook-friends, with friends, family, co-workers, even follow celebrities. Like peoples updates, comments, or make your own update or comment for them to like or comment. Share pictures and videos


Evernote is a note- taking tool. What ever kind of note you want to make, make it with Evernote. Ev- ernote is cross plat- form, so you can see notes on Android de- vices or the web as well.


TED-Talks is a collec- tion of short video lectures of very dif- ferent topics. More than 1000 videos are archived for you to see. You can look at lectures on your fa- vorite topics or get inspired to a new topic with the “Inspire Me” function


With Pocketcast, you can hear audio pod- casts and see video podcasts. You can also get inspired to view other topic with the built-in function- ality like Top Charts, search, and Browse Networks Categories.