Siri in iOS 7 gets a new look, a new sound, and new capabilities. It features a redesigned interface that fades into view, on top of whatever’s on your screen.

A clearer, more natural-sounding female or male voice makes Siri even easier to understand. It’s faster at answering ques- tions and it checks more sources, such as Bing, Wikipedia, and Twitter. And Siri takes on extra tasks, like returning calls and playing voicemail.

Now when you ask Siri something, audio waves move across your screen, letting you know Siri is listening and processing your request.

If you have questions, Siri has answers. And you’ll see them right on the screen. Even web search results from Bing. So you won’t be pulled out of Siri and into Safari just to see the same list.

Siri now references Wikipedia to answer your questions.

Want to know what people are tweeting about a certain topic? Now you just ask.