Browsing is amazingly better, in the new beautiful Safari in iOS 7.

Buttons and bars, like the unified smart search field, stay hidden until you scroll to reveal them. So you see more con- tent than ever on your full screen view.

With a swipe, you can go back or for- ward a page. Tabs are now stacked ver- tically and you’re no longer limited to just 8. Also any typing in the search box results in auto-suggestion from bookmarks, history and common searches

It’s all designed so nothing gets in your way or slows your browsing down.

See all the URLs in your Twitter time- line, who posted them, and what they had to say about them, in Shared Links. Reading through the articles in your Reading List is quick and easy. Simply scroll seamlessly from one to the next.

Lots of things you do on the web re- quire passwords. Soon iCloud can re- member your account names, pass- words, and credit card numbers for you. And Safari will enter them auto- matically whenever you need to sign in to a site or shop online. It works on all your approved iOS7 devices and Mac computers running OSX Mavericks. And with 256-bit AES encryption, it’s highly secure.