My first days with iOS 7 on iPhone4

There is no doubt that iOS 7 will run per- fectly and smoothly on the new iPhones and iPhone5. But what about on the iPhone 4? Shall you update or just keep iOS 6. Is it faster than with the iOS6. In this article i’ll tell about my first hands ex- perience with iOS 7 on the iPhone4

Under installation thoughts

Finally I came though to the Apple servers and my phone is being updated. Will I hate this iOS 7? I saw the presentation from Apple, and began to prepare my mind, because I actually liked, what I saw, but it’s like that with Apple – You think you need the product – and even the big- gest resistance in your brain, somehow vanish – and you are either updating to the new iOS or buying the new iPhone, just to show off your friends – a “Look I’ve got it first” ism!

The home screen of the future

The front page looks very fine (like my picture a lot!) my first interaction is the camera icon in the lower right corner, but when swiping with my thumb, the picture only jumps, and don’t start the camera app. Then I spotted that the swipe have to be withheld for almost half the length of the iPhone, before the camera app is getting activated.

The Camera crisis

The Camera app, is what I expected, but where are my photo filters? There are so many apps to iPhone4 with filters, why not give me the filters? I don’t intent to buy a new phone, just to get photo filters in the Camera app.

That’s a bad start, Apple.

The next thing I discovered on the home screen, were the folders. What’s happen here Apple? They are actually ugly – at best weird. I really need to work with the folders, in my mind, to accept them, at least it’s a good thing, that you now can have 27 apps in a folder. I like the zoom in depth effect when you enter a folder or leaving an app.

Multitasking & ControlCenter enhanced

The swipe between home screen pages are fast – but not faster than iOS6 – that’s great the iOS doesn’t slow the hardware down, and the new multitasking have an amazing per- formance on the iPhone4, didn’t expect it to be that good. Remember to close an app, you have to swipe the app up in the multi- tasking bar.

The new Control Center works great and fast, I really especially like, that you don’t have to be logged on the phone to use it.

”The spotlight & Notification gate”

The spotlight search and the notification center, keeps making trouble for me, I kept getting the notification center, then I found out, if you swipe down between the home screen icons, I get search every time, and a swipe down on the watch gave me notification center every time – Was annoyed for time, but now it works per- fectly.

Useful weather forecasts at hand

Apple have of course redesigned all Ap- ple apps, and I will not review all of them, but the weather app deserves to get a comment. I really like the design, and the possibility to get weather info such as humidity, wind, chance of rain and how warm the temperature feels like.

Experience the new Internet Browsing

Internet browsing in Safari has got a new feel over it. Especially the reader function, has been redesigned, I’m not sure I like it. Only more time and daily use will tell. I like the new tab design and functionality.

Like or Dislike iOS 7

In general, now where I have used it for some days, I like iOS 7 on iPhone4 – It hasn’t done the phone faster, but not slower either, so my recommendation is to download it. With that written, it’s take some getting used too, the new iOS 7, but the changes from iOS 6 is mostly design, only rarely, functionality or functionality options has been changed or moved around.

I’m looking forward to try the new iOS 7 on the iPhone 5S – it can only enhance the performance.