The latest media phenomenon has a new kid on the block



By Martin Vesterlund – @mvesterlund


Social media started with text messages (SMS) later media / picture messages (MMS) and it was the usual standard until the phones got physical keyboards, where the standard was expanded to mail as well.

When Apple in 2007 launched the iPhone came the ability to facebook, youtube and twitter to be used on cellphones, and a new part of the standard of social media.

Then followed a series of successful social media such as Tumbler, Vine, Instagram, and last but not least SnapChat, who again developed a new standard for how we communicate.

But now there’s a new kid on the block who is ready to battle. But the battle they enter is not to send pictures, send messages / updating or for that matter videos. The new kid on the block launched in March 2015 another new standard for communications, Live Streaming!

With the MeerKat App for iPhone & iPad, which is directly linked with your twitter account, you can invite your followers to live streaming as your followers can subscribe to. They will receive an alert on the phone when you start the streaming. It’s ridiculously simple. Really ridiculously simple.

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What can MeerKat be used for
One of the users who have been there from the beginning is Nora Sabina Segura from Los Angeles (@norasegura) who have successfully used MeerKat to the promote herself as well as her model and actress careers, while letting her fans keep up with everything she does, from parties to dining in front of the TV. Followers can write to her while streaming and get her immediate reaction or response.

Together with MeerKatQueen and her friend Victoria Fratz (@imvictoriafratz), they are doing the most funny live streaming and gain the most out of social media as well as gaining a loyal fan base.

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The user interface
On MeerKat there are also many other types that live streaming such as Tech Reviews or Cooking shows.

The user interface in the MeerKat App is so simple that description is unnecessary. Do you want to invite to a stream, you write a few words and press “Schedule” after which the invitation is linked to Twitter and under “Upcoming” in the MeerKat App.

When you are ready to livestream, press, “Stream”. When you are done with live streaming, you can choose to save the livestream and afterwards upload it to youtube.

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My Verdict
MeerKat has developed the difficulty of live streaming to such a ridiculously level that you don’t need any experience to use it. MeerKat have spotted correctly when they developed the app – this is the next step in digital communication whether you are for it or against it.

Depending on which stream you want, you can get everything from seriousness to fun that stresses one down from a stressful day.

However, I can not give praise without giving cons as well. I have experienced multiple streams, where the connection is lousy. However, it is most likely the sender’s connection, which makes the fuss. I have also seen several streams by shooting outdoors where the connection suddenly jump off.

Further I have seen that the sender may have trouble closing the stream down – and it is not safety or good for privacy. I assume, however, that the problem can be solved with an update.

Team MeerKat has overall done a excellent job, and I am impressed with how fluid the app can provide a live stream.

Meerkat gets top marks here, 5 stars.

Disclaimer: Appropia Magazine Online – and Martin Vesterlund a.k.a Martin Westgrove is not sponsored in any form or way by MeerKat, Nora Sabina Segura or Victoria Fratz.