Learn to understand the new iOS 8

Notification center

Apple has developed notification center in iOS, with interactive notifica- tions, which means that if you receive a text, and you have chosen to be notified of the text, then simply swipe down on the box to reply to the text message, without leaving the app you’re in.

But it does not stop there. Do you get a calendar invite, then you can, without leaving the app you’re in, accept or reject the invite and the same also on the lock screen; here swiper simply to the right to accept or reject the invite.

Are you tagged in a photo on facebook you can, without leaving the app, like, or comment it


When you double click the home button and entering the multitask- ing menu, you can choose the people you communicate with most, and can call them up, texting them or make a facetime call.


Safari is updated with better overview tab and easier approach to shared links, fa- vorites and reading list. Now when you are doing searches in Safari, you get be- sides Google results, also results from Wikipedia and Spotlight Recommenda- tions


Do you want to mark an email as un- read because you want to return to it, you just swipe right to select it. Or you may want to put a flag on? Simply swipe halfway to the left and to set a flag. In contrast, if you

swipe all the way to the
left to delete the mes-
Further, the new multi-
tasking function inside
the mail ,so you can
swipe an ongoing mail
into the bottom line, find
another mail and copy
text, tap on the bottom
line and the current mail
reappear and you can
paste the copied text, or
simply continue writing.
If you receive an email
with a date and time, the
mail is now smart enough
to allow the it to make a calendar ap- pointment, simply click add to the cal- endar if you like, and click save to get it in your calendar.


With Spotlight on iOS
7 you can search apps, music, podcasts, emails, etc., but in iOS 8 Spotlight has become even wilder

Now you can search apps out-
side of the App Store, you can search for a travel location and get a wikipedia description of the site and maps gives you a driving route. You may also be searching for news, dining places as well as songs from the iTunes store.
Additionally, you can search movies, both rental / purchase from the iTunes store and the movietheater playing the film.


The Keyboard spell checker has also been developed with QuickType. QuickType learns your style of writing on the basis on apps, whether it is Job- mail, private mail, etc. and gives you 3 possible words you can click, so it’s quicker to write a message or mail. Everything QuickType learn about you is stored inside the phone, without ac- cess to apps or internet.

Continuity – Handoff

The handoff can start a mail on the iPhone and complete it on the iPad, the two devices are constantly aware of what you’re doing. You can start a spreadsheet on your iPad and pick it up on the iPhone when you run into the boss.

Continuity – Instant Hotspot

Hotspot is nothing new, but you always have to put your iPhone or iPad up as a hotspot in the settings, but now, it makes it just automatically.

Continuity – Messaging

Texting is working fine on iPhone, but has never worked on the iPad until now. The green text bub- bles are now acting like iMessages blue bubbles. Group conversations are designed so that you can name the conversation thread, add and remove people, use do not disturb function if you do not want to be disturbed and you can even leave the thread.

You can share locations with those you write with. You can choose to share your location for one hour, to the day’s end or infinite.

Photos and other files will appear as a gallery in each conversation thread.
A new feature is the tap to talk, instead of typing a message, you can simply leave a voice message for the recipient to play. Just click on the micro- phone and when you’re done, you swipe up with the finger, and the voice message automatically forwarded to the recipient. The same function is also provided for video messages. Both voice and video messages delete themselves, so they do not take up space. At present, the time limit is not known.

Smarter is it, when you receive a voice message via messages, and it pops up on the lock screen you just move the phone to your ear and the mes- sage is automatically played. Do you want to an- swer message are you doing the same motion with the phone to your ear and you can leave a mes- sage which is sent immediately when you remove the phone from your ear.

Continuity – Phone Calls

Phone Calls is working fine on iPhone, but has never worked on the iPad until now and you can even call from the iPad.

iCloud Drive

With iCloud Drive you can open saved files from apps, in other apps, such as photos. Edit the file and save it exactly the same place again. So you do not end up with countless versions of the same image, or file.


Until now it has been used a lot of different apps to tag diet, sleep, weight, etc. The health app gather all these results in one place in an app – so you get a complete picture of your health with hardware from 3rd party devel- opers, send your data to this app, and you will get an overall idea of what direction your health goes.

Family sharing

Now it’s easy to share what is happening throughout the family. When fa- miliy sharing is set up, you can share photos, calendar, reminders, Find my friends, find family units (especially children) and credit cards. When chil- dren looking to buy something in the app store or itunes store, they are prompted to have to ask parents for permission to complete the purchase. As parents, you get a notication approving the purchase before it is imple- mented.

With family sharing you can share the entire family up to 6 members of the family’s acquisition of Music, Film, TV shops and Apps on the same credit card.


All photos will now be available to all your devices via iCloud, so you are no longer limited by the iPhone or iPad storage capacity.
And when you have many images, it also requires a good search function to find the pictures fast. You now get smart search suggestions, you can search for places, time and photo albums you have created.

Apple has now made it easy to edit your images based on the image analy- sis iPhone and iPad are doing, this provides an optimal adjustment of your image’s brightness, color, slope and cropping.
As soon as you are done with editing and saving, the image is stored on iCloud and thus available on all devices.


You no longer have to press the home button to activate Siri, now you can just say “Hey, Siri” to launch Siri.
Siri can now make song-recognition approve iTunes purchases