How to share files, using AirDrop, in iOS 7

If you want to share a picture or other files in iOS 7, the new AirDrop solution, may be the way to it, if you’re in the same location, cafe or office. Here is how to share:

Choose a picture you want to share, push the share button in the lower left corner.

Now your pictures tab out, like the multitasking bar, and you can choose more picture by swiping.

When done choosing, push “Next”, Now you get all you share options, at the first thing you see is Air- Drop, where every AirDrop contact is a circle with the name of the phone, and most likely a picture of the person.

Choose the person you want to share with, and now the receiver should first get a message, to confirm that he or she, want to share via AirDrop, by accept- ing your file will be shared.