How to let your girl, become a iGirl.

Kids are very easy to learn habits, and boys are easier to introduce to techs, due computer games and such. Not said, that girls aren’t but it’s less a topic in their development. So why not introduce your girl to iPhone or iPad today! And let them get the touch for modern technologies.

Give you girl your old iPhone or/and iPad that’s in the closet anyway and let her play with it. You can install learning apps and games for her intelli- gent development. But beside it’s a great tool, let her have some fun with leisure apps as well. Here is our suggestions to leisure apps for the future iGirl.

Sara’s Cooking Class Lite from
Sara’s Cooking learns you girl how to bake and cook with different ingredients. Follow the easy directions and hints with stunning graphics.

Snow White Cafe from Basalt Games
In this game you help Snow White as well as training the dwarfs to run a amazing cafe. You can upgrade equipment and furniture to serve more customers and earn more money.

Modern Fashion: Dress up and Make up from Long Wang
Choice on of 6 girls, and then change hairstyle, dresses, bags, shoes, jewelry, belts and much more. You’re able to create hundreds of looks. Just keep mixing.

Princess Fairy Tale Puzzle Wonderland for kids and family from Eggroll Games.
The game is a interactive puzzle, that’s fun and challenging. Each story are based on a interactive puzzle. Cute animals gives your kids fun feedback after completion of each puzzle.

Hello Kitty World from Sanrio Wave
Very adorable app. You need to help Hello Kitty, Mr. Melody and Little Twin Stars to build a amusement park. The challenge is to keep the shops filled with toys and gifts.