EA sports have yet again, released a new version off their football manager game FIFA 14. This game is yet again all about playing the football game and also the managerial part. With FIFA 14 you can experience the world of foot- ball, featuring 33 leagues, over 600 teams and more than 16.000 player, you should be entertained for some time.

EA sports login

If you don’t have a EA sports login, then create one, it’s free and you will receive so much more out of FIFA 14. You can play against you friends or other people if you want, it gives you a new dimension in the game play, due you can build you own team, when you are EA Sports user. I don’t like this. Gamecenter in iOS is made for the same, so why not use it – why both. But it’s a fairly little price to paid – the positive outcome is, that you result are in the EA Sports account, so if you suddenly just play another device, you results are with you.


Under the home tab, you have the op- tion to build you own ultimate team up, search for players, buy and sell play- ers. You can play a season or quick games, the list of option is really long. You can also play a quick online match, team of week as well as games of the week. With games of the week play 6 chosen games from the weekend be- fore, in different European leagues.


Under the play tab, you can also play ultimate team, just a bit different than under the home tab. Here you can make you own fantasy all star team, with classic players. You can also choose to play penalty shootout, with different teams.

With Kick off, you can unlock a whole lot of scenarios, like manager mode, kick off mode, tournament mode, modes I have not tested in this review.

The online mode gives you options to play quick matches and friendlies. The online mode, demands at least one friend who also have a EA sports ac- count and the FIFA 14 of course.

The after match

With FIFA 14, and if you are a foot- baller or football-fan, your time will disappear into a black hole with this game. The game sounds and graphic are excellent, but also very battery consuming. I recommend that before you play, to charge you iPad to the full.

The navigation of the menus are in some ways easy, but still confusing. I had a feeling, most of the time, that some things were hard to find, due sub

to sub menus. I’m not sure they could have build in some other way, but still it’s kind of a negative feeling, until you actually are in a match.

Which brings me to the match controls – here I’m troubled. FIFA 14 are deliv- ered with 2 in game match controls. One were you use the touch screen to it’s full, and a second, were you use lower left and lower right control panel, to sprint, shoot and to call a second defender.

My experience is that the first game controller, were absolute best for my performance in the match, and the sec- ond controller were absolute bad for my performance. With that in mind, I found out, that I actually want to mix both controls, into one. Why? With the full screen control, it’s seems like something happen out of pure lock, or in some cases unlock, which gives me the feeling that I don’t control the game

100%. With the second controller, I have feeling of complete control, which of course didn’t help me. But good or bad, you want to feel in control of the game you’re playing.


– Great game play
– Amazing sound and graphic
– Full screen control panel
– Many leagues, teams and players.


– Cant mixed both control panels – Very battery consuming
– EA sports account.
– Menu navigation