CastleVille Legends

CastleVille is made by the guys from Zynga. It’s a medieval game, where the player, have to build up a kingdom from the button, To do this you need to sell and/or buy goods to complete the quests, harvest goods as well as ex- plore and buy the unknown land around the starting territory.

The advisor

Your first task is to set free Magnus the Wizard after centuries in prison. When he’s set free he’ll show his gratitude by being your advisor, while building your new shinning kingdom

Mary’s caravan shop

Now you’ll learn some great stuff. The first quest is to grow and harvest your apples, and sell them to Myra’s cara- van shop. When that quest completed, you’ll raise to level 3 and now the marketplace becomes available.

The first hero

Next task is to set free your first hero Rafael. Rafael is held prisoner in a crystal prison, When freed, he offers his services for you. Rafael is a mighty woodsman, so he comes in very handy to get logs, to build your kingdom

The Wood shop

Your second quest is to build a wood shop. The wood shop produce products of the logs Rafael provides, such as torches, ladders, arrows.

The Watchtower, the Place of Legends

The third quest is the search for an- cient treasures. Sent your heroes to search. Went you sent your hero’s out, you’ll not be able to play the game again, before the time runs out, in this case about 3 minutes. (Unless you don’t want to play free) When the hero returns, you can collect the treasures and sell them in Myra’s caravan shop if you want.

The after game

As such the game continues with new tasks and quests, that are all con- nected together. The game play are kind of nice, very good graphics and sound as well. Kind off set the mood.

In General I really like the game, I got pulled in to this medieval world of building my own kingdom, without warfare, which I like – that make the game very suitable to for children’s play as well. The children would love the explorations in the unknown.

The game is very easy to play (maybe to easy at some points), because your advisor helps your all the way though. The game is build up to present you with a lot of purchase options. Until now I have with success, played the game without buying more crowns. But I will admit that’s really annoying.


– Good Game play
– Non violent – good for children’s play – Music and sound is combined well – and help set the stage


– In game purchases
– For selling goods at sea, you need to login with Facebook to do so