My expectations for Apple’s iPad and MAC October keynote



by Martin Vesterlund


So finally Apple has called the meeting for the third time this year. This time it’s an iPad and MAC Event

What I expect this time:

Besides the new MAC’s, 4K displays and Yosemite’s release, I expect that there will be a new iPad mini and a new iPad 2 air as well as a 13 “iPad plus.

All iPad comes with Touch ID and camera as well as chips from iPhone 5s. iPad Air will also be thinner, have better screen design and the ability to get the gold edition.

A new Apple TV I also expect. It will probably be a simple update with better chips, but one would hope that they give it full throttle to make it more gaming oriented so that the Playstation 4 and Xbox One got a little competition, and with the new Metal providing drop dead gorgeous graphics is it just for.

I also wish that Apple TV was built in antenna connector and electronic program guide, and that you could record programs directly to iCloud Drive.

The possibility at hand could also be that Apple TV will be the main source to control your home with HomeKit. It would seem to work like when the Apple TV is logged on to a iCloud account, other iOS devices asked to open HomeKit app and you are asked whether you remotely want control your home.

This starts a security synchronization via iCloud keychain. Then Apple TV is used for remote controlling your the home with iOS devices with Homekit connected on the same Wi-Fi network.

This solution means that if you leave home without having turned off the lights and you’ve Phillips Hue lighting system that lights automatically turn off or turn down the temperature in the home, etc.

Finally, it may be that we will have more details in the test on Apple Watch.

So all in all, it becomes a very exciting keynote.

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